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Daily Discussion Megathread - October 20, 2018

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Monthly Skeptics Discussion - October, 2018 | Pro & Con-test - Privacy...

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Dogecoin (DOGE) continues marching on the path of being the most useful...

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Is Coca cola trolling bag-holders in orange ? bumped into this in Dublin

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SEC Launches New Initiative Supporting Crypto, Blockchain and Fintech Innovation

Daily Winners

GBC GBC greenarrow 30.32%
VERI VERI greenarrow 23.58%
BTM BTM greenarrow 22.3%
SALT SALT greenarrow 21.73%
AMB AMB greenarrow 16.66%
ARB ARB greenarrow 16.27%
CREDO CREDO greenarrow 14.5%
ETHOS ETHOS greenarrow 14.05%
DMT DMT greenarrow 12.97%
CND CND greenarrow 12.83%

Daily Losers

DGTX DGTX downarrow -9.82%
QKC QKC downarrow -6.54%
REQ REQ downarrow -5.69%
WGR WGR downarrow -4.94%
RHOC RHOC downarrow -4.41%
INB INB downarrow -3.57%
GVT GVT downarrow -3.4%
TOMO TOMO downarrow -2.75%
POE POE downarrow -2.61%
CS CS downarrow -2.28%

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coin2favors Ends 20181022 Jobs Marketplace powered by Blockchain Technology to revolutionize the...
coin2favors Perlin Ends 20181026 A supercomputer in the palm of your hand Perlin is a bleedingfast ledger...
coin2favors Powerchain Ends 20181028 Multifactorial solution for payment with cryptocurrencies and cryptotokens...
coin2favors CCET Project Ends 20181030 Extend renewable energy and blockchainify carbon emissions to solve problem
coin2favors 100Tokens Ends 20181030 We believe that coin exchange value is strongly connected with its utilization...
coin2favors Svper Ends 20181031 Redefining Online Socializing by revolutionizing and revamping the space...
coin2favors Vibeo Ends 20181031 A new Era of SocialInstant Messaging app which incorporates Blockchain...
coin2favors SamBanx Ends 20181031 Connecting cryptocurrency and digital assets to EU classic banks accounts
coin2favors Wyzerr Ends 20181031 Wyzerr will facilitate the turning of AI feedback data into tasks and insights...
coin2favors PlayChip Ends 20181031 The Universal Gaming Token Backed by The Power of Blockchain Technology