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UQC Notice: Uquid Coin (UQC) significant change. $0.33 (-8.45% hour, 1.81% day) Read
DATX Notice: DATx (DATX) significant change. $0.00 (5.6% hour, -4.65% day) Read
CV Notice: carVertical (CV) significant change. $0.00 (-6.66% hour, -7.77% day) Read
BOB Notice: Bob's Repair (BOB) significant change. $0.05 (9.05% hour, -0.18% day) Read
BRM Notice: BrahmaOS (BRM) significant change. $0.01 (8.91% hour, 5.76% day) Read

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  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency - its reputation has spawned copies and evolution in the space. Bitcoin is here to stay.

  • Ethereum

    Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

  • Litecoin

    Litecoin provides faster transaction confirmations (2.5 minutes on average) and uses a memory-hard, scrypt-based mining proof-of-work algorithm to target regular computers.

  • Ripple

    Ripple positions itself as a complement to, rather than a competitor with, Bitcoin - the site has a page dedicated to Ripple for bitcoiners.

  • IOTA

    IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger protocol that goes 'beyond blockchain' through its core invention of the blockless ‘Tangle’.

  • Monero

    Monero (XMR) is a cryptonight algorithm based alternative crypto currency. The coin is based on Proof of Work and has a block reward that varies smoothly.