About Chasing Coins

Chasing Coins is a completely free project. That means we do not charge for anything, and do not plan to charge for anything!


Born out of a passion for crypto, Chasing Coins exists to help people learn about cryptocurrencies and monitor their favourite ones. The goal is to educate people in a completely neutral way, while building some cool tools and tech.


If you'd like to contribute financially, you can donate anonymously to our Bitcoin or Ethereum addresses (listed at the bottom of the site). Alternatively, we always need suggestions, people testing, etc. So if you have anything to say, let us know in the Telegram Group or on the Contact page.

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Please use the contact page to get in touch with us.


Learn about coins with detailed background information, historical charts, up-to-date coin stats, background on ICOs and so much more.


Monitor and analyze the market with our detailed market cap, easy-to-use daily summary and unique CoinHeat system to get an edge.


Become part of our group of friends on Telegram, join discussions on pages and create an account. It's the time of the blockchain!