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ICON Project Description

ICON Foundation is leading ICON project, one of the largest blockchain networks in the world, launched in 2017 with the vision of ‘Hyperconnect the World’. By using the high-performance blockchain engine, ‘loopchain’, ICON projects to connect various blockchain communities and build an environment where blockchain technology can be applied to real life. ICON supports not only private blockchain projects cooperating with various companies, but also DApp developments in public blockchain sector through strategic partnerships to expand ICON’s blockchain ecosystem.

ICON Project ICO

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  • Price: $0.261
  • Market Cap: $104,459,701
  • 24h Volume: 9433206.400957117
Technical Details
  • Started: 24/10/2017
  • Algorithm: ETH Token
  • Proof Type: LFT
  • Total Coins: 400228740

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Dave Blakey 01.15.2018

Excellent HODL for 2018, one of my top picks

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