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Top 10 vs XLM

Compare the performance of an investment in the top 10 coins versus XLM over the last three months.

Coin Variance XLM Variance Winner
BTC -8.21% -28.15% XLM
ETH -8.21% -16.41% XLM
XRP -8.21% -12.48% XLM
USDT -8.21% 0.20% USDT
BCH -8.21% -29.46% XLM
LTC -8.21% -34.35% XLM
EOS -8.21% -23.85% XLM
BNB -8.21% -30.24% XLM
BSV -8.21% -28.97% XLM
ADA -8.21% -15.34% XLM

Coin growth

Things to know

Unsure what we're showing above?

This page compares the difference in growth (or loss) between an investment in a specific coin a month ago and today, versus investing in XLM. This helps you to see if a coin is outperfoming XLM, regardless of whether it is doing well.

For example, you might buy XMR at $300 and a month later it's worth $450 - a great investment. But the same money in XLM may have made more than $150 profit.